In the digital age, everything is constantly evolving. One minute you’re using a Nokia, the next you’re using a smartphone.

It’s not just the changing appearance of technology, but the way technology works, too. You’d think because a smartphone is a mini-computer, marketing would function in the same way for the mobile phone market.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Mobile marketing is its own ballgame with trends you must follow.

Are you keeping up with the latest mobile marketing trends? Let’s take a look at 7 of the hottest mobile marketing trends to get you up to speed.

1. Apps

An app is a core feature of a smartphone. They are the key operators for the user to use the phone.

You can do all sorts of things with apps:

  • Browse the web
  • Play games
  • Chat
  • Shop
  • Write

It’s safe to say that with all these options, apps are certainly here to stay! They won’t be going anywhere — not unless we design an entirely new smartphone system.

197 billion apps are expected to be downloaded by the end of 2017. By 2021, that number changes to 353 billion downloads.

That’s a staggering number.

What should this mobile marketing trend mean for you?

You’ll want to create an app for your brand if you haven’t already. If the numbers alone aren’t enough to get you on board, an app will help increase sales and engagement on a personal level with your customer.

2. Messaging Apps

iMessage, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, LINE. Messaging apps stand out of the crowd in terms of popularity.

In fact, many of the most-used apps are messaging apps. Move over, telephone calls – people want to send text messages instead.

While you don’t need to build an app that can only be used for texting, having a chat feature is great for any business. Much like a telephone call, a chat feature will allow your brand to get personal with your customers. Now, you might be asking yourself what the difference is between sending a message and sending an email.

Messenger is different from sending an email. An email can generate an automatic reply or a robotic, generic reply. With a messenger feature, it’s connecting with a real person, on a personal level. Plus, it’s typically faster than email, too.

Like a telephone call, if there’s an issue and a customer reaches out via messenger to get it resolved, a personal touch can help make all the difference.

It’s one of the mobile marketing trends you don’t want to miss out on.

3. Mobile Website Speed

Since smartphones are extremely popular for browsing the web, you’ll want to make sure your brand’s website is up to snuff when it comes to loading time and speed.

How does it make you feel when a website takes an eternity to load?

You might hit refresh and wait a few more moments, but ultimately if nothing is loading quickly, you’re going to give up and try another site that will load faster.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles. You know this from personal experience when you browse the web from your phone. Though you may be the person behind the brand, you’re also a customer for someone else, too.

This is one of the mobile marketing trends you must keep up with or else you may face losing customers.

4. Mobile Video

Video marketing is a hot medium. Every other post you see on social media is a video. Even websites have noticeably more videos.

Video is an extremely popular way to get your message across to your audience. It’s a great way for your audience to get to know the business by seeing behind-the-scenes as well as deliver a clear, concise message. Naturally, as we use video more, this means video marketing trends will continue to grow and evolve. This will certainly impact mobile marketing trends.

Because video is so huge and Google has taken notice, it’s imperative that your brand starts to use video marketing, too.

5. Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is a direct marketing strategy. It’s where you uses a mobile device’s location to alert the mobile user about an offer going on at a nearby business through SMS-text.

It’s is personal, targeted, and well-timed.

Think about your favorite pizza chain that sends you texts, about once a week, about what deals they have on. That’s location-based marketing. Location-based marketing is something a user can opt into when they download your app.

It puts the brand in your user’s mind and may entice them to take advantage of your deal.

6. Big Data

Big data is something that has been around for ages and will always be around.

It’s data marketers have always used.

With technology, data is everywhere. This is especially true with mobile phones since they’re so popular. Big data is a valuable tool in mobile marketing trends. It will help create more valuable services and advertisements for the mobile consumer.

So, how are you using big data for your brand?

7. Voice Search

Voice search is a function that is gaining momentum.

With Apple pushing Siri, Windows pushing Cortana, Google pushing Google Voice, and Amazon pushing Alexa, more people are turning to using their voice to search. This means the way that we do digital marketing must evolve and change.

After all, we don’t speak in keywords – we speak in full sentences. That’s how we talk to Siri or Cortana, too.

Are you optimizing for voice search?

Mobile Marketing Trends Wrap-Up

Mobile usage shows no signs of slowing down – only evolution. These mobile marketing trends listed above will only continue to rise until we move onto the next big thing in technology.

With these growing changes, it can be tough to keep up or even getting your foot through the door.

If you need help, feel free to contact us at Buzzhive Marketing. We’ll make sure your website is found through search and help you keep up with the latest trends.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and boost your rankings today.