Is Your Site Design Missing These Crucial Elements?
We’re sharing the most common mistakes we find on websites so you don’t make them. Is your site design missing the key to conversions? Find out here.

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There’s no nice way to say it.  If you don’t have a good website in 2017, your business will suffer.

It’s estimated that only 4% of page views will last for 10 minutes or longer.  If you want to grab your audience’s attention and keep it, a buggy or poorly made site design isn’t going to help.

The fundamentals of site design

Proper site design is crucial for every business.

Your website needs to function flawlessly and look good.  That may sound simple, but if you don’t know much about site design it can be difficult to know where to start.

There are countless types of site design styles and elements you could use, but every successful and appealing website have a few things in common.

Simple navigation

If someone that has never been to your website before landed on your homepage would they know how to get around?

Could they easily find your contact or about us page?

Web sites shouldn’t be difficult to navigate.  Information should be presented in a way that’s easy to understand.  If you make visitors hunt for what they’re looking for, your bounce rates are going to skyrocket.

Make certain features apparent and don’t make visitors hunt for important things like a search option or additional links.

Modern design elements

Looks can matter a lot to new customers.

An outdated website can be just as harmful as a confusing navigation.

There are some web design trends that are best left in the past.  Customized cursors that look “fun” but are difficult to use, “stock-tickers” at the top and bottom of websites, and other gimmicks are played out.

Visual elements can be useful, but an abundance of gifs, autoplay videos, and moving design elements can be distracting and harm loading times. Busy websites aren’t appealing or easy to use, and they could easily turn off visitors.

Modern site designs tend to be minimalist and don’t try to distract users with flashy elements.  Keep it simple and don’t worry about creating anything too crazy.

Helpful contact us forms

How many times have you submitted your information on a website only to never hear from them again?

There’s nothing more unappealing to a customer than feeling like their inquiries are going unanswered.  If you have a contact us form that just takes their information, you might as well not have anything at all.

Put the power back into the customer’s hands.  Your contact us page should let people know how they can reach you via e-mail or social media.  If you go the extra mile, some customers will put more effort into reaching out.

Interesting information about your company

Content can be a big part of site design, both go hand in hand.

It’s no secret that some customers like to buy from brands they feel that they can relate to.

Take a look at your “about us” page.  What would it tell a new site visitor about your company?

Information about company founders or the year it began are a given, but what kind of personality does your business have?

Do people know about that time your company won a local award in your industry?  Could they tell that you love your craft and are an expert in what you do?

If you’re sticking to basic information they could find on Google, you need to revamp your “about us” content.  Tell people about why you’re the best in the business.  Give them some personal info and let them know the real you.

While we’re on the topic of your content, it’s worth mentioning the importance of…

Innovative ways to display information

Text is the tried and true way to relay information online.

There’s no doubt about how popular visual content is.  A lot of businesses are finding different ways to present their content to their audience that goes beyond the written word.

Instead of having people read through another about us page, why not make a video about your company?

Videos, gifs, infographics, and even audio clips can engage your visitors and give them all of the information they need.

A simple to find search function

Ideally, your visitors should be able to find everything they need through your links and navigation, but sometimes they may need to do something extra.

Most websites have a search function, but some don’t display it well.

If your visitors are looking for information, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find it.  That’s why an easy to find search button or function is critical for websites.

It can only take a few seconds for a visitor to lose interest in your website.  Don’t make it easy for them by making them hunt for information they need.

Mobile responsiveness

The Pew Research Center estimates that 77% of Americans own a smartphone.

Mobile web traffic is on the rise and will only continue to grow as more Americans rely on their phones for internet usage.

When you’re figuring out your new site design, don’t forget your mobile users.

Layout and content elements should adapt to the size of the screen they’re being displayed on.  Links should be easy to click, and scrolling shouldn’t be an issue.

Authentic imagery

Stock photos may have been great filler content in the past, but those generic pictures can cause problems on a modern website.

Stock photography seems inauthentic and can be very unappealing to visitors.  They don’t show you any useful information about your business and don’t do much aside from taking up space.

Your website should try to incorporate some original pictures in your site design.  Snap a few pictures of your employees or take a photo of your headquarters.

Fast loading times

We’ve already established that people aren’t going to spend a lot of time on your website.

If they have to wait more than a few seconds for content to load they’re going to get frustrated and leave.

There are a variety of things that could be slowing down your website.  You may have to server problems or different issues, but as soon as you notice it slowing down you need to investigate.

Your turn

Site design is always changing.

What recent improvement did you make to your website? Let us know in our contact us section!